Carpet Cleaning Canberra

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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Canberra That Takes Care of Everything

House parties and common everywhere. However, they leave behind some of the worst stains on your beautiful carpets. For that matter, sometimes you might need routine cleaning for your carpets to eliminate mites and dust along with allergens.
However, cleaning your carpets at home might be a tedious job. This is where SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne eliminates unwanted hassles off your shoulder.

We are the best carpet cleaner in Canberra mainly because:

  • We use eco-friendly chemicals and solutions
  • All our carpet cleaning methods are pet and kids friendly
  • Our experienced carpet cleaning professionals use high-end equipment and methods to clean your carpet
  • We are an expert in dealing with sophisticated fabrics
    Carpet Cleaning Canberra
    Carpet Cleaning Canberra

How Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra Work?

  • Professional carpet cleaning services work in a few very simple steps.
  • To get your carpet cleaned by carpet cleaning professionals, all you need to do is book an appointment online mentioning the date and the time according to your convenience.
  • The next step is when the carpet cleaner shows up at your place for the procedure.
  • They then inspect and clean the carpet thoroughly with the latest technology and you can enjoy a very nice and clean, dust-free experience after that.

How to Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaning Canberra?

There are a few things to keep in mind while booking a carpet cleaning appointment. They are:

  • You need to have a parking space ready for the company car as our company’s professionals generally bring about a huge van for the service.
  • Make sure there is an accessible water supply as the cleaners will require water for the cleaning of the carpet at different stages. Especially after water extraction method, deep cleaning is useful.
  • Create a workspace for the cleaners. The cleaners will require working space for keeping their machines. Also, remember to move all furniture from the carpet for easy cleaning.
  • Keep fragile and breakable items at bay. The carpet cleaning professionals might not be able to keep track of them while they move around with their machines for cleaning the carpet.
  • Keep a track of the areas you need to clean. It is advisable to mark them beforehand so that the workers do not have to ask you about it every time they finish one area. This also ensures that you do not miss out on any dirty area.
  • Vacuum the floor before the professionals arrive. This would make your work easier and it will also help you save time.
    Professional Carpet Cleaning
    Professional Carpet Cleaning

Different Carpet Cleaning Processes

There are a few different processes for carpet cleaning in Canberra. However, the best among them is the steam cleaning process.

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning Canberra

    For the steam cleaning method, the steps involved are:

    1. Any loose dirt is removed by using a vacuum.
    2. The carpet is pre-treated to remove any strong stains
    3. By using a powerful, steam hot water extraction machine the carpet is cleaned using special shampoos and at 120 degrees it removes any kind of foul smell and bacteria.
    4. Finally, the stubborn stains are removed by using the spot treatment method.
  • Water Extraction Technique

    For the water extraction technique, there are 3 main steps. They include pre-heating of the carpet with the steam followed by the normal cleaning procedure followed by the very short drying time.

  • Dry Cleaning

    The dry cleaning method is approporiate for delicate carpets. This method is capable of cleaning the carpet when it is dry and thus saves you a lot of time which could have otherwise invested in drying it. It is a fairly new method and thus not many have taken the risk of trying it yet.

    This method also includes 3 steps. They are the application of the detergent, followed by the rubbing of that detergent onto the fibers so that the detergent cleans the dirt from the carpet completely and finally removal of the residues remaining from the detergent.

    All these methods are priced differently and different packages are available. You can select the one according to your convenience. Our carpet cleaning services are performed by certified carpet cleaning professionals and they ensure that you have a healthier atmosphere in your home. It ensures a safer atmosphere for your kids as well.

    Best Carpet Cleaning Services
    Best Carpet Cleaning Services

Why Hire SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne?

  • We use eco-friendly products

    SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne makes use of eco-friendly products for cleaning as they are comparatively less in toxin content and safer for the users as well as the environment.

  • We use high-end methods and equipment to clean your carpets

    SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne uses air movers. This device dries off the carpet quickly after cleaning. It does not emit any heat and thus the chances of your home catching fire are also minimal.

  • We provide a range of services

    In addition to cleaning your carpets, we also help you in rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, scotch guard, and stain removal.

  • We conduct a 100% quality check

    Our carpet cleaning professionals do not just clean the carpet but check and inspect the carpet thoroughly before cleaning. SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne ensures that your carpet is perfect without any chances of damage due to toxic materials and harsh detergents. We ensure that the carpets are dust free, mite free and allergen free with a soft deodorant and no stain.

  • Scotch guard protection

    Our carpet cleaning experts also provide add-in services. These include the scotch guard which when applied to your carpet, will protect it from any kinds of stain for a pretty long period of time.

    Another add-on includes the insecticide treatment which most customers opt for. This ensures a mite-free experience. We use minimum toxic chemicals so as to ensure a safe environment for you and your kids.

Time Taken for Cleaning Carpets

The time taken for each carpet cleaning is different as it depends on how huge your carpet is and how much efforts are required to remove the stains. Generally, stubborn stains take a little more time compared to loosen stains and dirt. Furthermore, the method you opt for, for cleaning your carpet also decides the time. The dry cleaning method takes a little less time than the water extraction method.

Thus, wait no more, and refresh your carpets with our amazing carpet cleaning services in Canberra.

Professional, friendly and helpful team

I can not believe our carpet would look great after SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne came for service. the carpet was very dirty. The service is fast, professional, friendly and definitely very competitive rates. I highly recommended the SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne to everyone that deserves to have the cleanest carpet in their house. Thank you so much for the job well.
- Heath Ledger

Awesome performance by SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

I own the only hardware repairing shop in the locality and as such, people swarm all over my establishment, and my carpet bears the brunt of the extreme dirt. I was recommended to try SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, and I was mesmerized by the professional carpet cleaning services of SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Simply the best!
- Brock Casey

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