What if I don’t know the material of my carpet?

There is a tag at the back side of the carpet that contains all the information about the carpet. It informs about the material and recommended cleaning method to be used. However, if you don’t find that tag that you can call us and take advice from our customer care people.

My roof leaked unexpectedly; can you help in saving my carpet?

Yes, SK Carpet Cleaners have pursued carpet water restoration as one of their target areas. They have expertise to suck out excess water from your expensive carpets and dry them with least possible damage to the fabric. Whether it is a rook leakage, a washing machine leakage or an unfortunate flood – we have the equipment and expertise to handle it. The key here is to let us know of any of these situations as soon as possible. The more the water stays on the carpet, the more chances it has to spoil the fabric.

How should I prepare for your cleaners’ visit? Do I have to be there all the time?

We would request to get rid of any small items lying on the carpets and remove your breakable items from that area. These might include photo frames, glasses, or other valuable items. The furniture will be taken care of by our cleaners, who will move it to clean the carpet and put it back on its place once they are done with the cleaning task. Also, we need to excess to running water and electricity.
All our cleaners are insured and licensed. So it is not necessary for you to be there all the time. Moreover, they are also medically checked so you can let them do their job while you carry on with your own stuff.

What all services do you provide?

You can find a whole plethora of cleaning services with SK Cleaners. These include carpet water restoration, carpet steam cleaning, end of lease cleaning, pet stain removal, odor removal, car and caravan interior cleaning, timber floor rejuvenation, duct cleaning, flood damage restoration, windows cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, mattress cleaning, blinds cleaning, rug pickup cleaning and delivery services, tile cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, grout cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, and office carpet cleaning etc.
SK Carpet Cleaning is a one-stop solution for all your requirements.

Why should I opt for SK Carpet Cleaning?

There are several reasons why our customers love getting cleaning services from SK Carpet Cleaning. These are:

  1. When you call us for a free quote, you will talk to a real person and not an answering machine.
  2. We aim to give you the correct and detailed information so that you can get the best service.
  3. We have dedicated team of friendly, energetic, and experienced people.
  4. All our cleaners are absolutely insured.
  5. We are always punctual as we understand the value of time.
  6. We give you premium standard of service.
  7. We are also equipped to give you emergency services in less than 2 hours’ time.
  8. We work 24×7 so that we never miss an opportunity to serve you.
  9. We aim to provide you the best of quality at most economical rates.

Where are your services available?

We serve to our clients from all suburbs of Melbourne. No matter which part of Melbourne you live in, we will be there at your service!

How much it cost for carpet water restoration?

SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers the cheapest rates for carpet water restoration. But for an accurate free quotation, we request you to give us call and ask for the details. However, we assure you the lowest possible carpet cleaning rates in Melbourne.

Why does a cleaned carpet smell?

After cleaning the carpet becomes damp and it naturally gives out a smell. The smell that you notice is actually of the moisture contained in the recently cleaned carpet. This goes very quickly as soon as the moisture is gone. The carpet will dry more quickly if air is circulated properly in the area. You can use fans, cooling systems, or even the windows to help circulate more air in the room.

Is your company insured to provide carpet cleaning services?

Yes, SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a completely insured company and deliver insured and bonded carpet cleaning services all across Melbourne.

Do you care about my satisfaction? What if I am not happy with your carpet cleaning services?

Of course, that is the one thing we care most about – your satisfaction. We at SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne work to ensure that our customers get absolute satisfaction through our carpet cleaning services. We not just clean your carpets but restore them back to life with our expertise in the field. Try us and give us a call to make an appointment.

Why do I need professional carpet cleaning if I use vacuum cleaner regularly?

Vacuum cleaner is not able to deep clean your carpets. It does clean the dust that is present on the outer surface of the carpet but the contaminants that are hidden deep within need a more powerful tool and technique. We at SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne make use of the latest techniques and state-of-the-art cleaning tools to give a deep clean to your precious carpets. Moreover, our strong eco-friendly cleaning solutions do away with all stains and odours without damaging the fabric. Our cleaning methods also make your carpet free of any contaminants and pollutants so that it becomes safe for usage by your loved ones. Call us to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned.

Can I avail your carpet cleaning service on weekends?

Definitely! All our carpet cleaning services are available throughout the year, including weekends and even public holidays. Call us for an amazing cleaning experience!

What is your carpet cleaning process?

We follow a five-step procedure for carpet cleaning at SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne and it consists of:

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Deodorizing
  3. Stain Removal
  4. Hot Water Extraction
  5. Carpet Sanitizing

This complete process ensures that all stains along with contaminants and odours are gone once we are done. If required, we also apply stain protectors to the carpets to keep them safe from future stains for a longer period. Call our experts and get surprised with the carpet cleaning results.

Office Carpet Cleaning

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My office interiors got a new look with their impeccable cleaning services by SK Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. We got what we wanted. – Mikhail

Carpet Cleaning Wizards!

4 5 1
SK Carpet Cleaning does a first-rate carpet cleaning in Melbourne irrespective of the size of the property. I have personally used their services for my home and my office. They are punctual, good in carpet cleaning, well-mannered, and economical. What else can you ask for! They are one of the best professional cleaners of Melbourne.

Carpet Cleaning Pro

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One could easily call them a PRO! Because they are so professional in carpet cleaning that it feels that they are doing it out of immense passion for the job. I love to see the team work so dedicatedly with my carpets. I always use their services for my home carpets. – Anna