Car & Caravan Interior Cleaning Melbourne

The cleaning of the interiors of your car is as important as it is to clean it from outside. With time, the interiors get dirty and dusty and start looking old and dull. Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has solution to all your problems. It has a specialised staff trained at making your old car look absolutely new with the same lustre complimented with durability. It uses a chemical free steam cleaning process to clean your interiors properly and to ensure that it becomes dust free so as to make it more efficient.

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It thoroughly cleans the Windows, door panels, car seats, dashboards, carpets and pays attention to other car detailing.
Steam Cleaning is used for cleaning and removing stains, allergies, dust and foul odours. A triangular brush is used with a microfiber clipped on for better results. This method is moisture free and hence does not cause damage of any kind.
The expert team focuses at using new and updated technologies so that the clients do not have to avail these services frequently and thus durable techniques are used to make the car look rejuvenated and fresh with its interiors looking and smelling new

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