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    Get Cleaner Curtains & Blinds in Melbourne

    Welcome to Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – the state-of-the-art cleaning service provider in Melbourne. Our professional, reliable, friendly, and extremely affordable cleaning services have made a place in the heart of Melbourne for past twenty years and so. We are proud to share that we have a rich clientele of satisfied customers who love to re-use our services more than once. Our domestic and commercial curtains and blinds cleaning services give your homes/offices cleaner and healthier curtains and blinds at a very nominal price.

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    Importance of Curtains & Blinds Cleaning

    Window and door coverings demand a good amount of time and money. Once they start getting dirty they become home for all sorts of bacteria, virus, mould, dirt, dust mites, and what not. These contaminants keep growing in the conducive area where dirt & pollution resides. You might like to think that by cleaning curtains and blinds on your own is sufficient but this is not the case.

    With time not only they become dirty but discoloration comes in and the fabric loses its brightness. How can these be cured at home? You can’t even clean the deepest parts of the curtains and blinds with conventional home cleaning methods. So the best way is to call professional cleaners like Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Our professional cleaners make your curtains and blinds absolutely pollutants free with our highly advanced cleaning tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

    By professional curtains and blinds cleaning, you ensure the safety of your curtains and blinds. Apart from that, you also ensure the safe health of your loved ones because dirty curtains and blinds lead to polluted indoor air, many health problems, and even unhealthy lifestyle.

    At Ians Carpet Cleaning, we can clean your curtains and blinds in front of your eyes or at your workshop – whatever way suits you. Call us for a free quote!

    Results of Our Curtains & Blinds Cleaning

    We not just clean your drapes and blinds at Ians Carpet Cleaning but we also make them stunningly beautiful. We add to their aesthetic and hygienic beauty by removing dirt, dust, pollutants, odour, and all kinds of stains. Our specialized curtains and blinds cleaning will yield the following results:

    • Enhanced décor with cleaner window/door coverings
    • Cleaner and healthier curtains and blinds
    • More brighter and shinier curtains and blinds
    • Removal of all contaminants and pollutants
    • Extended life for your curtains and blinds
    • Better air quality of the surroundings

    Our highly reliable services ensure that you don’t have to replace your dirty/faded curtains or blinds. You will see a noticeable difference in your drapes once they get cleaned by our licensed cleaners.

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    Our Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Processes

    Onsite Curtains Cleaning Process

    Ians Carpet Cleaning cleans all sorts of vertical and roman curtains. Our cleaners are trained to deal with a variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, mixed fabric, velvet, and synthetic. Our onsite curtain cleaning involves the following:

    • Curtains need to be inspected thoroughly to choose the best cleaning method.
    • The stains are pre-treated before the cleaning process.
    • We do either curtain dry cleaning or curtain steam cleaning depending on the situation.
    • Once cleaning is done, we deodorize the curtains to remove all kinds of smells.
    • We have industrial quality air dryers for fast drying.
    • Lastly we do a thorough inspection of the curtains again to be sure everything is fine.
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      Offsite Curtains Cleaning Process

      In offsite curtain cleaning our cleaners are responsible for taking down the curtains and taking them to our workshop. Before we take down the curtains, our cleaners will:

      • Write down accurate measurement of the drapes to avoid any possibility of curtain fabric.
      • Note all tie backs along with the drapery.
      • Discuss your specific needs.
      • Note down if there are any damage in the curtain fabric.
      • Note down all stains.
      • Agree on a mutual agreement regarding the cost of the service. Mutual agreement on the cost of curtain cleaning service.
      • Talk about any involved risks in case of certain fabrics.
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    Blinds Cleaning Process

    Apart from all kinds of curtains, Ians Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne also deals in cleaning of all kinds of blinds from roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, plantation shutters, to panel blinds – we do it all. Our blind cleaning process involves:

    • We remove the fittings and inspect the complete surrounding of the blinds.
    • We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean the blinds along with the fittings.
    • We have specific cleaning agents for column blind.
    • Afterwards the cleaning, our cleaners fix the fittings.
    • We not just clean the entire frame of the blinds but also polish it if required.

    Why Choose Our Ians Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Ians Carpet Cleaning is a renowned name in Melbourne. Whenever people have any cleaning requirement they think of our company. We are locals of Melbourne and serving the nation for more than 20 years with guaranteed results. We work towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction through our exceptional cleaning services. Our curtains and blinds cleaning services come at lowest prices in Melbourne. We work 24×7 and on weekends & public holidays. Do ask for our same day and emergency curtains cleaning services available all across Melbourne!

    Call us for an out of the world curtains and blinds cleaning experience!

    Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia