Reasons That your Carpet Smells Even Worse Than Cat Urine After a Professional Cleaning

After going through so many articles regarding why to get your carpet cleaned by professionals, you might have surely made up your mind regarding hiring a professional carpet cleaner to perform a deep cleaning of your carpet.

Professional carpet Cleaning service

Professional carpet Cleaning service

But what if your carpet still smells after professional cleaning. Here are a few of the reasons listed down for the Reasons that your carpet smells even worse than cat urine after a professional cleaning.

Before taking you directly to the points. Let me clear your mind. It is not only your carpet smells like cat urine post-cleaning, but this problem is also faced by many of the other carpet owners too.

With the number of stains and improper cleaning is done previously, the carpet might not smell at that very time. But as soon as the cleaning is done, you can smell a urine kind of odor all over your room.

This is because when pouring the water in the carpet or deep shampooing it, the odor or stain which is relaxing in the carpet fiber becomes active.

Carpet Cleaning Services

However, Here are The Reasons That your Carpet Smells Even Worse Than Cat Urine After a Professional Cleaning

  1. Carpets Are Not Treated Well When Performing Quick Cleaning –

    When you have carpet installed either at your apartment or office, it is quite essential for you to look after the cleaning of the same, since if not sustained properly it might lead you to bad consequences. You need to perform regular cleaning and deep cleaning by professionals periodically. You need to treat your stains and odors as soon as possible.

  2. The Underlying Backing Of Your Carpet –

    There are also major chances that the padding or the underlying backing of your carpet got wet and was not dried nicely. If in the past your carpet might have come in contact with the food spills or pet urine and if it was not treated at that time. This will resurface after the professional carpet cleaning is done.

  3. Your Carpet Is Damaged –

    Now if you do not have kids or pets at your place nor did you have any stains left on your carpet or kind of anything previously. But still, your carpet smells even worse than cat urine after a professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne, there is a high possibility that your carpet has been damaged from inside. However, in a situation like this, the only thing you can do is change your carpet.

  4. Get Rid Of Odor –

    The solution to the first two reasons can be like, you will need to let the carpet dry properly. Open your windows, doors, and let the air pass through. Or you can use some machine to dry your carpet like a heater. Or you can sprinkle baking soda over your carpet, let it dry and vacuum it up. Or you can use vinegar for the same too.

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